Please note: from 1st January 2021 we have decided that Agency Listings will no longer be permitted to get listed on the Massage London website. We want to promote local physiotherapists, massage professionals working as a freelance therapists, SPAs and Massage Clinics with a physical locations in London. Our aim is to increase business activities for those who are self employed and SME in London. We can link only to professional websites and those individuals, however we reserve the right to accept listings upon verification and partnership arrangements. Please contact us if you have any questions. The Massage London team.

Before You Start – Your Duties

You should be registered with your local council for providing massage service on your premises, be qualified, and insured, however we are not obliged to check or investigate your legal duties and obligations in the UK.

By providing your details and photos you agree with our Terms and Conditions to create a business profile and agree to use it on our website and other Social Medias in order to advertise your services.

We reserve the right of not listing your profile if you provide false information, misleading pictures or engage yourself or your business in unprofessional activities. Please be considerate of the people who seek professional massage, physiotherapy, and SPA services in London.

We may ask you to provide certificates of your qualifications.

Advantages of Advertising on The Massage London

  • Be your own Boss.
  • High quality target marketing for your massage services in London.
  • Social media advertising, printed and distributed by us business cards.
  • We are cooperating with our customers as our business partners.
  • Our aim is to provide long and lasting relationship with you.
  • Chose where and when you work.
  • All nationalities are welcomed.
  • Only for Qualified and Professional Massage Therapists and legit businesses.

Questions? Chat with us on Whatsapp

We accept only professional images for the listings. 

Please be considerate and upload only quality photos of yourself. You can also use general SPA images, related to your profession, and the massage therapies. 

We reserve the right to remove any images from your profile they do not meet common sense criteria.

Please do not upload photos of yourself in low cut tops, selfies, holiday photos etc, as they will lower the standards of your profession.

Thank you for understanding. 

Our aim is to create this platform for qualified and genuine physiotherapists and massage therapists in London. 

Please check this example of a standard profile for The Massage London website, and get listed your business to attract more clients looking for professional massage services in London.

Example of a Profile on the Massage London


£ 120
30 days

  • Featured listing
  • Top of FEATURED listings
  • Description
  • Contact details
  • 6 Photos/logo
  • 6 Categories
  • 8 Tags/Keywords
  • Social Links
  • Website
  • Special Offers Tab
  • Video Tab

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Best for professionals.


£ 100
30 days

  • Featured listing
  • Top of STANDARD listings
  • Description
  • Contact details
  • 4 Photos/logo
  • 4 Categories
  • Website

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Great for advanced.


£ 50
30 days

  • Top of BASIC listings
  • Description
  • Contact details
  • 3 Photos/logo
  • 3 Categories
  • 4 Tags/Keywords

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Classic for beginners.


After registration please settle the payment either through a bank transfer or through a card payment.

Card payments are processed by Stipe payment processing platform for Renomark Limited.

You can find an invoice in your dashboard. 

Please let us know if we can assist you on WhatsApp. Thank you!

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