Lomi Lomi Massage Technique

Spiritual Healing

The master healers of Hawaii knew there were special ways to release and unblock the powers of the body so that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing could take place effectively.
Whilst Lomi Lomi is an important part of the massage, and associated healing the work is done with unconditional enthusiasm. The focus of the practitioner is deeper and complete. Feeling endeared and compassion for the client, rather that treating him/her as an object to be “fixed” allows for harmony to be created within the body. Maximise your relaxation and whole-body health with Lomi Lomi massage in London!


Application of pressure is contraindicated directly over sites of acute, active and ongoing infection and inflammation. Recent unhealed fractures, acute gout, phlebitis, and unhealed wounds contraindicate massage. Lomi Lomi can be customized specifically to what the recipient is needing in their life. If a client prefers to experience the unique physical techniques of Lomi Lomi without the spiritual elements, that is certainly possible. If a client cannot utilize the deep physical touch and needs a softer, energetic approach with chanting and/or herbal remedies, this is also available.
Any information, advice, recommendations, statements or otherwise contained herein, or in any whether oral or in writing, is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical advice by a trained massage therapist in London.