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Traditional Thai Massage in London

Mobile Massage in London zones 1-3

Name: Janette
Location: London Kensington
'Visit Me' Rate: Please ask me
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Working Hours: Monday - Saturday from 8am - 9pm
Language Spoken: English
Types of Massage: Thai Traditional Massage, Thai Combined with Little Oil, Therapeutic Thai Massage, Relaxing Massage

I am professional and friendly massage therapist based in central London and I provide mobile massage service in zones 1-3. You can have a professional Thai massage in comfort of your home or in a hotel's room. Thai Massage and Thai Sports Massage is performed in comfortable clothing on an comfortable bodywork mat. You may choose another type of massage - Relaxing or Thai Massage with Oil.
More and more tourists are returning from Thailand with lasting impressions of a massage that is more like yoga. Performed through your clothes, Thai Traditional Massage leaves you in a state of sublime relaxation.
Thai Massage is usually performed on a mat on the floor, fully clothed except for shoes and socks. I use thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet, and knees to press and stretch your body. Pressing is the mechanical process used to stimulate energy flow in the Sen, and to release blockages or stagnation which result in pain. This part of the massage is very thorough. Thai people believe that good health and freedom from pain result from the unhindered flow of vital energies through the body’s tissues. My Thai Mobile Massage service in London is ideal for anyone, professional, business, people that live, work or just visit in London.
Please refrain from calling on Withheld or Private numbers.
Strictly Professional Service only!
Ladies and gentleman are welcome.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

More about Thai Massage
Regular Thai massage stretches the muscles back to their normal resting length, which deceives the brain into thinking that all is well and it stops inhibiting the antagonists. Before long, tension disappears and joint mobility is restored.
The pressing techniques of Thai massage prepare muscles for stretching by increasing their permeability to the flow of energies. The manipulations are designed to stretch the muscles a little more than would be possible unaided. This will be subtle at first but gradually progresses to the elegant, large scale stretches for which Thai massage is renowned. Every muscle and joint is treated during a Thai Massage.
"Janette was very polite, professional, with great hands and made feel very welcome. Get the full benefit of a Thai Traditional massage by booking a longer session of 90 hour or 120 minutes. Thanks for a wonderful job and I feel relaxed and like a new person"
Jasmine, South West London

"Booked a massage with a short notice. Janette was friendly, great at her job and my back feels absolutely amazing now. Look no further and call Janette. Best Thai massage in London, mobile massage service".
Peter, Central London