Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about the Massage Therapists listed on The Massage London. The testimonials are the proof that their doing great job in our communities across London.

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My partner and I got massages here in London for our anniversary and we were not disappointed! The entire experience was very relaxing and at the end the masseuse consulted with us to tell us where they found the most tension and how we can avoid it in the future.
I will definitely be back! – Jane Degan

The massage itself – oh my god, it was amazing! I really don’t treat myself with massages, so I felt like a brand new woman afterwards. I just wanted a full body massage, and she really paid attention to every part of my body – such a rejuvenating experience! The 50 minutes really flew by! – Julie L.

From beginning to end, the staff was incredibly gracious and really made me feel welcome. Granted, my masseuse was a little too intense with the pressure at times, but it was quickly resolved because I let her know to ease up on the pressure and she also checked in periodically to make sure I was comfortable. I will definitely be back! – David C.

Found myself in London with a delayed flight and decided on a massage.I have to say- this was one of the best massages I have ever received. She checked on me a few times, and the massage was thorough. I’m thankful my flight was delayed because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have found this gem. All future trips to London will include a massage from one of the Therapists from The Massage London! – Karina S.

Royalty treatment by highly professional masseurs! The staff are very polite and meticulous in their techniques. I absolutely love the way I was treated! 🙂 I just fell asleep and didn’t know to wake up until I was woken up. My face was covered slightly with a thin linen that has aroma therapy oil smell- so heavenly! My masseur said my body is very tired and the muscles are very tense; which is very true because I work a lot. What a royalty massage treatment in London! Totally love it! – Ryan Y.

Very nice service. My masseuse’s technique was spot on, concentrating the pressure from the thumbs and rubbing out the knots. She not only knew where the most tension was, but whenever she sensed I was taking a deep breath in or tensed up, she paused and waited for the exhale / loosening of my muscles and riding that into a nice, deep rub. Even after the timer went off, she didn’t stop immediately. She balanced out both shoulders and did a smooth wipe at the end. Remember to bring cash for tips and send your testimonial! – Henry T.


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