A lymphatic drainage massage is a technique based on a continuous massage with soft and slow movements. This is done to achieve a non-invasive massage method. This will make the patients enjoy a pleasing moment. Lymphatic drainage massage is made to improve aspects of general health, as can be: the nervous system, the lymphatic system, helping the body to eliminate toxins, extra fluid and all that our body naturally generates.

Benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage

From some years not only women have found many benefits in this practice looking to front illnesses associated with fluid retention, chronic inadequacy in the veins, tired legs symptoms and general discomforts during pregnancy. Within the benefits of this practice, we can find some very specific as is: dis congestion of lymphatic system to facilitate its task and combat pathogens that decrease the efficiency of the immune system.

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Some symptoms or conditions treated with this practice are:

• Hypertension
• Tired legs symptoms
• Liquids retention
• Cellulite
• Orange peel skin
• Acne
• Varicose Veins
• Chronic headaches or migraines
• Stomach disorders
• Anxiety or stress feelings

Lymphatic drainage

How does the lymphatic drainage massage works?

The objective of this method is to contribute directly to the lymphatic system and improve its functioning to the correct absorption of all nutrients in each cell and organ of the body. Through these rhythmic and constant movements, it helps the correct movement of the conduits that could be congested in the lymphatic system. With an increase of lymph flow immune function is increased. Harmful substances are removed from the tissues and neutralized in the nodes. It has also been shown that an increase in lymph flow stimulates an increased production of lymphocytes- enhancing immune function. Lymphatic drainage massage is a profound technique to help increase lymph flow.

The correct application of the lymphatic massage

The person who works that method must trust on her or his skills and knowledge to do this massage in a proper way. It is not a simple massage but a therapy or treatment of a great deal of precision that should not be taken as a joke. Every movement, pressure points and relaxation are key steps to obtain correct and positive results. If you are looking for someone that knows how to make a lymphatic drainage massage, we should make sure that is a professional in this matter and a the treatment is guaranteed. You can find a qualified massage therapist specialising in the lymphatic drainage on the Massage London.

When to have a lymphatic drainage massage?

It is not really necessary to have any illness or be sick of any symptoms to have a massage of this kind. This treatment could be done inclusive to be relaxed and search certain harmony with our body and its health. After just few minutes you started to have this massage, if the masseur is a real professional, you can feel that your beats and pulsation decreases. You will be mentally relaxed. After completing the practice, you will feel certainly slight. You would have forgotten so many problems that irritated you and your environment will be more pleasant with less toxins and problems in your body.

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